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Corporate Investigations

Background Checks

Background checks are a useful resource for employers, landlords, litigants and more. Our experienced investigators can provide you with information to help you make informed decisions regarding the individual in question. In addition to providing detailed background information we can take additional steps to verify the information sought through visual confirmation, interviews, etc.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation fraud is costly to employers, taxpayers and insurance companies. This type of fraud can occur in several ways. An employee can claim an injury that didn’t occur at work, exaggerate a work-related injury, claim an injury that didn’t happen, claim an old injury as a new work-related injury, or downplay recovery on a legitimate injury.

Employers may also intentionally mis-categorize employees to keep their workers compensation premiums down. For example, an employer might say an employee is office staff when in fact they are performing high risk tasks such as a forklift operator.

Our experienced investigators can provide discreet surveillance and investigations to ascertain if fraud has occurred.

Attorney Services

Attorneys realize that outsourcing strategic research and information-gathering to a private investigator is a smart move, regardless of the case they’re working on, legal matter they are managing, or clients they are representing.  The specialized skills of an investigator supplement their legal work to create a stable case, support their theory, and provide integral details.  All work performed by an investigator such as documentation and evidence gathering can be used in court, mediation or negotiations.

Asset Searches

Searches reveal pertinent information of relevant parties or entities and an investigator is often called to gather information about tangible and collectable assets, conduct informative research for divorce assets, and perform asset searches for corporations. This provides a plaintiff the means to collect on a judgment or award from the court.

Litigation Support

Investigators are an important resource for attorneys, whether they practice criminal defense, family law, or otherwise.  Attorneys use the information gathered by an investigator to establish and document the facts of a case to support their efforts.  The research and fact gathering of a professional investigator ensures that all leads and potential avenues were exhausted.

Legal Support

Rode Investigations is prepared to provide support to handle any matter, however some of the most common requests for our services are:

Tenant Screening

The average eviction costs $3500. Historically, screening tenants was only done by large professional property management companies ;  however, in today’s climate everyone should take the steps to really know to who they are renting!

Whether you are just beginning to invest in Real Estate or you are a seasoned investor, your property is an asset that should be protected. You should know who you are renting to and if the prospective tenant or tenants are a risk to you or your property. Rode Investigations will provide you with the tenant’s past rental history, background, credit scores, any previous evictions, liens, judgments and or bankruptcies. With this information you will have the peace of mind and knowledge before you sign a lease which could save you time, money and legal expenses later.

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