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Rode Investigation’s team of surveillance experts are able to perform undercover and covert tasks utilizing the latest technology and by continuing to be relentless and patient when working on a case.  Through utilizing the most up to date video and still camera photography we can provide our clients with HD quality video surveillance and photography.

The surveillance success rate for an investigator increases significantly when a client authorizes the time to be extended from one to two days or even longer. Some preparation that can increase the success rate of a surveillance includes:

Private Investigators and Surveillance

Surveillance is the key to success for most investigative cases including:

When an investigator is able to observe and gather detailed evidence it provides the necessary facts for the case to be built and presented to the client.  The following are two examples of how surveillance can be instrumental in a case

Persons Locate

Whether you are having trouble finding a witness, defendant, client, or you are looking for that old friend, child, or parent etc. Rode Investigations private investigators conduct person locates by utilizing comprehensive research tools and proprietary investigative techniques.  Our investigators are trained and highly skilled in locating hard to find individuals.

Our methods are creative and we believe in using an “out of the box” approach when looking for individuals that do not necessarily want to be found.  We are not confined to only using online databases or internet searches.  In some cases our investigators will meet with prior neighbors, employees or persons of interest to track the individual our client is looking for.

Online Game Monitoring

Due to the advancement and ever-changing ways of technology, we as parents must adapt our approach on protecting our children from potential predators. This approach is no longer just in real life and real-world scenarios, in today’s world, we as parents, now have to prepare our children for the “Stranger Dangers” of the online world as well.

Predators use a method called “Grooming” which is “a process by which a child predator gains the trust of a victim by building a relationship with the child and then breaking down his or her defenses.”  The predator then has the child’s trust and they begin exploitation.

Bullying is another issue with online gaming. Anonymity of players and the use of avatars allow users to create alter-egos or fictional versions of themselves, which is part of the fun of gaming. But it also allows users to harass, bully, and sometimes gang up on other players, sending or posting negative or hurtful messages and using the game as a tool for harassment. If someone is not performing well, other children may curse or make negative remarks that turn into bullying, or they might exclude the person from playing.

Most households have an internet connection and it may feel like you’re inviting predators into your home. We at Rode Investigations understand that parents may not have the time to supervise every single activity your child participates in online, that is why we offer Video Game Monitoring. We have several different options for LIVE monitoring as well as many packages to choose from.

Teen Issues

Curious as to what your son or daughter may be doing tonight?

Many parents struggle with the stress of not knowing who their children are with, what they are doing, and where they are hanging out.

Teens must navigate many different obstacles including peer pressure, drug use, hanging with the “wrong crowd”, emotional stress, and much more. Discreetly monitoring your teen’s activities has become an increasingly hard task for parents to accomplish. Rode Investigations will help bring to light the inconsistent stories and excuses that your child may be giving you. With the knowledge and tools that we have available to us we are able to dive deep into the world of social media, monitor your child’s whereabouts via surveillance and help you have peace of mind knowing the truth about your child.

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